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All the functionality of your Google Search Appliance & More

Haven Search OnDemand is the enterprise class cloud search solution that allows you to replace your Google Search Appliance functionality in hours.


Haven Search OnDemand can connect to and index filesystems, databases and websites both in the cloud and behind your firewall - and you can try it for free!

Replacing your GSA Functionality

Crawl your content using HSOD Connectors

Just as you can crawl websites and confgure Connectors for Filesystem and Databases in your Google Search Appliance.  You can create connectors for these and many more such as Sharepoint, Dropbox & Jive to name a few with Haven Search OnDemand

Index Documents, Audio & Video

Haven Search OnDemand not only provides all the indexing features you are used to with your Google Search Appliance such as Entity Extraction & Directed Navigation.  It also provide additional power such as deep-indexing of Audio & Video content.

Easy integration with AD

Haven Search OnDemand mapped security ensures that users only find what they should have access to and can be easily enabled with our simple Active Directory and Single-sign On integration.

Ultimate Scalability

The technology behind Haven Search OnDemand has been used to address some of the largest enterprise indexing challenges.    As your content grows, Haven Search OnDemand seamless continues to index the data whether it's 1GB, 1TB or 1PB.