Powerful Image Analysis APIs

The Image Analysis APIs from HPE Haven OnDemand provide functions that allow you to process image files and analyze the contents. The Image Analysis APIs include APIs for Optical Character Recognition (OCR), image detection, face detection, and barcode recognition. While these APIs are traditionally used standalone, they can also be called using HPE Haven OnDemand Combinations e.g. to detect faces, logos, and text from a single image with a single API call. Extracting meaningful insights from images has never been so simple.

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Barcode Recognition API

Support for more than 20 barcode types

The Barcode Recognition API detects barcodes in an image. For each recognized barcode, it returns the type, the decoded barcode value, and the coordinates of the corners of a box that surrounds the barcode. The API is capable of detecting multple barcodes from a single image, and also supports horizontal and vertical orientations.


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Face Detection API

Support for 9 different image formats

The Face Detection API analyzes an image to find faces. It returns the position of the left and top edges of a bounding box that contains the face, and the width and height of the bounding box.

The API also returns the approximate age range for each face.


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Image Recognition API

Extensive corporate logos dataset 

The Image Recognition API matches logos in an image that you provide against a database of corporate logos.

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) API

Extract machine readable text from images, docs, and PDFs

The OCR Document API extracts text from an image file or a file containing images. Support for 45 languages from Latin, Cyrillic and other alphabets.

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Other use cases

  • Data printing inspection with OCR for machine vision applications
  • Barcode recognition for product identification
  • Detect face positions in images for image template alignment
  • Count logos in images and videos for brand recognition
  • Detect explicit textual content in images (Haven OnDemand Combination API using OCR and Entity Extraction)
  • Segment customers in images by age-group using Face Detection